Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kampachi, Pavilion

Me and my family used to have our dinner in restaurant during weekends. So do last Saturday. But we totally had no idea what to have until my daddy said he wants to try the yummy soft shell crabs that me and my sister mentioned about. So, we headed to Kampachi, Pavilion.

The ambience there is great. After a short struggle, we have finally made our decision =D

Soft Kani Maki (RM 45), you definitely have to try this out. The combination of seaweed, sushi rice, fish roe, cucumber and the warm, crunchy soft shell crab. It is just too perfect for soft shell crab lovers

Worth to mention that, their wasabi is fresh-grated. Their food quality can be easily seen from this.

Since daddy is craving for soft shell crab, he orders the set with soft shell crab, cold soba and chicken katsu don. Their soft shell crab is superb! As for the noodle, you can choose either soba or udon (hot or cold). Even their speciality is soba, I personally prefer to eat udon. I just couldn't resist from the Q-ness of the udon. The chicken katsu don is also good.

My sister has Udon with Ebiko Tempura. The crunchiness of ebi, the silkiness of the egg, the favourful soup and the Q-ness of their udon make this a good combination.

Mummy chooses to have Gindara Teriyaki (RM50), with cod fish, rice, miso soup, cawamushi and fruits. The cod fish is fresh but I think it will be nicer if they added more teriyaki sauce. Oh ya! Not to forget that, their miso soup and cawamushi are awesome. Cawamushi is just so smooth and silky! ^^

As a unagi lover, I have this Unadon and Salmon Sashimi (45). The unagi is so creamy and the japanese sweet soy sauce goes well with it. *Thumbs-up* And also the salmon sashimi is so fresh and thick. It's just so tempting!

My younger sister orders this Panda Set, Chicken Teriyaki with rice, fried fish cakes, tamago (the sweet Japanese omelette), miso soup, veges and fruits. The container is just so cute, isn't it?

We planned to have some desserts but we are just so full after enjoying our main course. All of us are delighted by the delicious Japanese food served in Kampachi.
Somehow, the dishes there are quite pricey, but it's worthy for the good quality of food and such a nice ambience.

*p.s: These are all my personal dining experiences. Kindly share your opinion with us ^^

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